Some thoughts

would you still love me if you knew who i am?
i deserve love, but do i want yours?
i need attention, but yours is divided.
who is the monster here?

you say you’re compassionate, but my pleas fall on deaf ears.
you say you’re not bigoted, while you ban me, again and again and again.
you say you care about children, so why do you think about me more?
you want me to die, but do you really want my blood on your hands?
i just want you to listen. why is that so hard?

speaking in tongues
preventing keyword searching
yearning for respect but finding none
death threats
they fall on deaf ears
but the soul listens

i didn't know i was searching for pain
i wonder whose pain it really was

i wonder if you’re a fed
i wonder how much i glow
i wonder if it matters

your villification is empty.
stop crying wolf. someone will really get hurt.

being respectable is a luxury I can’t afford

why do you think I care about a “ratio”?
most of society already hates me. that's the worst “ratio” there is.